Sri Lanka gift permit car imports. Sri Lanka blue permit vehicle imports. How to import gift permit vehicles to Sri Lanka.

Gift permit car Import to Sri Lanka.

Auto E Shop can assist you to import your gift permit vehicle to Sri Lanka.

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Please refer to export and import control department for further details.

Information given in this website regarding gift permit vehicles are no more applicable.


Sri Lanka gift permit vehicles


Sri Lankans earning foreign exchange overseas for more than 3 years are eligible to gift a car, van or cab up to 10 years old from Japan to a blood-relative or family member


This is your chance to gift to you father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or wife.


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What is gift permit

Under gift permit, those who work overseas under valid visa can gift a vehicle to blood relative or a family member


What is blue permit

You can bring down the vehicle you are using overseas now under blue permit.


Basic requirements of gift permit

                Evidence of valid visa and source of income of donor

                Evidence of foreign exchange remittance to Sri Lanka by donor

                Export certificate, its English translation, our invoice, and photos of the vehicle

                Application forms duly filled by donor and donee


                        Gift permit vehicles

                Select a quality, low mileage vehicle of your preferred color from Japan.

                Pay less tax and duties when importing it.

                Take this chance and save money.


                        Import your gift permit vehicle directly from Japan.

                We assist you to locate a vehicle from Japan car auction quickly.

                Our charges are the most reasonable in the market.

                We provide photos and documents of vehicle necessary when applying for gift permit.

                We provide our know-how and advise to prepare the documents.

                We assist our customers through the whole process from starting to registration of the vehicle in Sri Lanka.


                        More information about gift permit import

                Read instruction provided by Import & Export Control Department for importation of gift permit vehicles

                Click here to find a gift permit vehicle from Japan

                Read more about gift permit vehicles and download application forms ..

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                       Over the phone assistance

                How much will your car cost?

                Is it financially worth?

                Is it worth the effort?

                How to apply?

                What are the necessary documents?


Discuss with Sanjeewa in Japan and learn about importing your gift permit vehicle.

Call +81-90-5365-8729 or SkyPe him at gtejapan

Nearly 100 vehicles supplied under gift permits and private imports. 100% success rate of approval.


Our know-how, experience, and commitment to the customer

make importing your gift permit vehicle easy and unique!


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Gift permit application forms and instructions

Kindly access department of import and export control web site for more details of gift permits.

If you find difficulties in downloading the forms and instructions forms. You can download those here.

Read instruction provided by Import & Export Control Department for importation of gift permit vehicles.

Gift permit application forms download

Application that has to filled and signed by donor (donor's declaration) is here.

Application that has to filled and signed by donee (donee's declaration) is here.




Pros & Cons of Gift permit vehicles

Positive and negative points of importing a vehicle under gift permit

Positive points

Negative points

  • The most important point is that you can import a good quality low mileage vehicle. Japanese vehicles are well maintained and carefully used. Japan has top level condition roads on planet. Therefore, vehicles are in good condition and the mileage is genuine compared to some of second hand vehicles in Sri Lanka. Odometer certification facility is available in Japan at an extra cost. If the odometer is found altered, you can cancel the order of the vehicle in Japan.

  • Financial benefits compared to buying a second hand vehicle in Sri Lanka. The amount depends on the vehicle.

  • New vehicle registration number in Sri Lanka.

  • No hassle of opening LC with banks in Sri Lanka to import the vehicle.

  • The final price depends on the exchange rate. If exchange rate goes down, duty and taxes will decrease.

  • You cannot change the ownership for 5 years. 

  • Therefore, leasing companies will not provide leasing facilities. You will have to talk to your bank regarding bank loans.

  • Please be advised that Its not duty free. However, you pay less duty and taxes to the customs of Sri Lanka. 

  • The final price depends on the exchange rate. If exchange rate goes up, duty and taxes will increase.




Find a gift permit vehicle from Japan


Japanese cars directly from Japan car auctions

                We provide your vehicle directly from Japan car auction to save your money.

                Following link will connect you with the largest car auction house in Japan, USS Car auction.

                This database shows the exhibit vehicles to be auctioned on coming days.

                Kindly go through the database of exhibit vehicles on coming days and select some vehicles you would like.

                Kindly inform the exhibit numbers and we will send the detail sheet with English translation by email.


Copy and past this ID to login. ID=D54631   Click the link below to auction vehicles


Gift permit vehicle selection ranking

1. Toyota Allion    2.Toyota Corolla     3. Toyota Hiace van    4. Toyota Premio




How much does your dream car cost

Duty, levies and taxes including gift permit tax and approximate current market price of some popular gift permit vehicles.


Very Important:

These approximate values and given here without any warranty and may differ from actual values

Data given here are for an approximate cost estimation only. Customers should not use these data as exact figures.

Auto E Shop or Pioneer International (Pvt.) Ltd takes no responsibility or liabilities for actual values being different.

The duty, levies and taxes including gift permit tax has been calculated with exchange rate Rs 1.35 per yen.

    You may calculate the current figures with current exchange rate.

Total cost = Duty, levies and taxes including gift permit tax + Approximate price of vehicle + Alpha costs

Additional charges are levied for body kit, alloy wheels, TV, CD player, ABS, air bags etc

   (levies for ABS and air bags depends on the vehicle).

Contact us for more details ..


# Duty and tax will be minimum for those vehicles within 5 and 1/2 to 10 years

Model of the vehicle


Approximate total cost (in SL Rs)


Toyota Allion G package

NZT240 22 laks up

Toyota Belta 1.3

SCP92 23 laks up

Toyota Belta 1.0

KSP92 19 laks up

Toyota Corolla G, new shape

NZE121 22 laks up (old shape is cheap)

Toyota Ist FL package 

NCP60 17 laks up

Toyota Vitz, new shape

KSP90 16 laks up

Honda Fit Aria

GD6 14 laks up

Suzuki Swift beetle shape

ZC11S 16 laks up

Suzuki Swift

HT51S 12.5 laks up

Suzuki Alto

HA23S 11 laks up

Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

FG10 18 laks up

Diesel vans

Haiace Supper GL new shape

KDH200 35 laks up

Haiace Supper GL


30 laks up

Townace or Liteace


20 laks up

Petrol vans

Townace or Liteace


17 laks up

Suzuki Every van


11 laks up

(^_^) Kindly contact us for detail about jeeps and pick ups.

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