Sri Lanka Japanese used car import. How to import a used car to Sri Lanka from Japan.


Importing permit cars to Sri Lanka from Japan

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Your permit car from Auto E Shop at dealer price!

 Please call Mr. Sanjeewa @ 0081-90-5365-8729


There are 2 ways for our customers to order permit vehicles:


1. Buy from Japan ready to import stock

We will send the details and photos of available vehicles. Once you have selected a vehicle, our Japan branch will supply proforma invoice to establish LC.


2. Order from Japan auctions through our Japan branch

We will email details and photos of available vehicles in the auctions of your selected model. Once you have decided, our Japan branch will start bidding after an advance payment of SLR 200,000. Advance payment is refundable before a vehicle is purchased for you in Japan. However, please be advised that order cancellation after a vehicle is purchased in Japan for you results in deducting loss of transaction from your advance payment.


Axio Luxel 2012

NZE161 2WD

fully loaded

pearl, cost 37/50

Vitz Juwela 2012

NSP130 2WD

1300 cc, CD

wine, cost 29/50





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