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Learn about hybrid /electric cars, use hybrid /electric cars and save our planet from global warming!


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Many of our customers have the question that if hybrid battery need to exchanged. This is completely wrong information. Hybrid battery of both Insight and Prius need not to be exchanged unless it is damaged by an accident. Please don't  believe such wrong information and miss the opportunity of owning a futuristic car with better fuel consumption. Further, hybrid vehicles do not need any sort of sophisticated repair or maintenance work. The hybrid car is a product of automobile technological advancement. Many people in Japan use hybrid cars without problems.  


Government of Sri Lanka made hybrid vehicles exercise duty free and that brings the customs duty and tax rate of such vehicles to 1/3 of that of similar normal cars. This is like you are importing a almost duty free car. The more longer your car run with 1 l of petrol, the more environmental friendly it is. Save money - Save planet for future. We truly believe that this is a huge opportunity for Sri Lanka car buyers have futuristic car while saving money. Already hybrid cars are largely popular in Europe, America and Japan. Don't miss this opportunity; This is your opportunity to save money both on car and running fuel cost. Check ready import hybrid cars available in Japan ..


     Hybrid cars

  • What are hybrid cars? A hybrid vehicle combine an internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel) and one or more electric motors to drive it. Electric motors are driven by power supplied by much advance batteries which again charged by the power supplied by the internal combustion engine while the vehicle is driven by it. As a result overall fuel consumption of the vehicle improves and runs more km with 1 l of petrol.

  • Does hybrid vehicle battery need to be charged from out side? Hybrid vehicles batteries need not to be charged with electricity from outside. Battery is charged by the power supplied by the internal combustion engine while the vehicle is driven by it.

  • Does the hybrid cars need to change the battery? Battery needs not to be replaced like a normal car battery unless it is damaged by an accident etc. Manufactures like Toyota and Honda say that battery is expected to last as long as the car last. However, any battery with aging will lose its capacity of holding electricity charge. Some experts predicts that the hybrid car battery will last at least 15 years though it is not official.

  • Quite and smooth run. Hybrid vehicles are quite and smooth while running because it combines two sources of power.

  • More km. Some hybrid vehicles run as twice km as what other normal petrol engine vehicles run. See below some details of hybrid vehicles available from Japan.

     Electric cars

  • What are electric vehicles? Electric vehicles are run by one or more electric motors only. As a result, these are called zero emission vehicles because they don't burn fuel to run the vehicle.

  • Does electric vehicle battery need to be charged from outside? Yes, electric vehicle has no internal combustion engine and therefore need to charged before running. Its like your mobile phone recharging.

  • Future .. The electric car is said to be the future of personal transportation because of zero emission. 


     Why hybrid and electric cars?

  • Global warming and clean air. Fossil fuel is vanishing faster than ever scientist have predicted. Yet, fossil fuels emit CO2 which results in global warming. For example new shape Allion DBA-NZT260 (1500 cc) emits 116 g/km. Where as new shape 2009 Prius DAA-ZVW30 (1800 ) emits only 76 g/km saving 40 g/km of CO2. That is almost 35% and that is enormous.

  • Save money - Save planet. The user average actual fuel consumption of a DBA-NZT260 Allion is 13.6 km/l. Whereas new shape Prius DAA-ZVW30 run 23.2 km/l under actual conditions. (These values are based on popular community website in Japan. These are average values of data provided by its users using respective vehicles.) Thus, owners of hybrid vehicles not only save money with fuel but also help to minimize global warming.

Cost of fuel per km

Here is a comparison of cost per km

* These values are based on popular community website in Japan. These are average values of data provided by its users using respective vehicles.

* Cost per petrol liter is assumed as Rs 115/-

Model Model code CO2 emission (g/km) Average actual fuel consumption (km/l) Approximate cost per km (Rs)
















Belta DBA-SCP92 116 15.6 7.37

Civic Hybrid





Insight Hybrid





Fit Hybrid





Prius hybrid (old shape)





Prius hybrid (new shape)











How to use Honda Insight And Toyota Prius puncture repair kit

Following video explains how to use puncture repair kit of Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. Its in Japanese. English explanation is given bellow. A pictorial illustration comes with every puncture set. You should be able to understand what to do with this even if the explanations are in Japanese. Please refer to that also. Liquid is for one time use only.

  • First of all park your car at a safe place away from the road traffic
  • Remove tyer bulb cap
  • Remove bulb-core using bulb-core remover
  • Shake liquid bottle and connect to the bulb core using small horse
  • Inject as much as possible liquid in to the tyer.
  • Fix the bulb-core and tighten using bulb core remover.


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