Sri Lanka Japanese used car import. How to import a used car to Sri Lanka from Japan.


Importing used vehicles to Sri Lanka from Japan

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Your car imported on your name by Auto E Shop at dealer price!


      Import your car on your name to save money!

  • You select your vehicle from Japan and therefore, you know the exact condition and mileage of the vehicle. Select an accident free original odometer topping condition vehicle. Condition, mileage and accident history of those vehicles are certified by auction houses.

  • When a vehicle is imported by a dealer, they have to pay VAT on sold price. You save this VAT and dealer profit by importing the car on your name.

  • No intermediates and you select your vehicle from our partner, GTE, which is run by Mr. Sanjeewa, the elder son of Auto E Shop chairman. He has been in Japan for more than 10 years and having experience in auto business for more than 8 years. Call him at +81-90-5365-8729

  • Contact Auto E Shop for more details..

  • Check stock in Japan

  • Copy and past this ID to login Japan car auction site. ID=D54631  

  • Kindly inform the exhibit number and we will send more details with auction sheet.

      How to import used vehicles to Sri Lanka

  • First, contact Auto E Shop and find your vehicle from Japan.

  • Next, our partner in Japan will provide proforma invoice which you have to take to your bank to establish a letter of credit. The letter of credit has be established before the vehicle is shipped from Japan. You just have to fill the application according to the proforma invoice.

  • Our partner will then ship the vehicle and will hand over the documents to their negotiation bank.

  • Once the documents have arrived, your bank will hand over those to you.

  • Thereafter, Auto E Shop will assist you to get the vehicle cleared from the customs.

  • Once the ship has arrived in Colombo port, our clearing agent will prepare necessary documentation. Here, you will have to prepare a bank draft to pay the duty and taxes to the customs.

  • Once duty and taxes have been paid, within few days you will have to receive the vehicle at customs gate.

  • Auto E Shop shall receive the vehicle on your behalf and deliver at your door step (subjected to charges).

  • Get the vehicle registered and drive safely. (Auto E Shop will provide informative assistance in registering the vehicle)

  • Also, we shall register the vehicle and deliver at your door step (subjected to charges).

      Our charges

  • If you want us to clear the vehicle from customs and deliver, our charge is Rs 45,000 and that includes clearing agent fee and VAT.

      Consider ..

  • Your will have to have the full amount of cost of importing the vehicle beforehand because leasing companies will not provide until the vehicle is cleared from customs and registered.

  • If you go for a leasing, you will have to pay VAT of the leasing as well since vehicle is imported under a temporary VAT number.

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